We introduce brands of used materials and production technologies:

NomexDuPont Nomex? Partner

It is DuPont? programme for European partners of the company who fulfil the highest quality of products when Nomex? materials are used. Products which meet the defined technical parameters, high standard for customers, are authorized to use the logo and label.  This system includes produces of fibre, spinners, weavers and garment producers. 


It is fibre of the company DuPont?, which in various options of use and mixture ensures high heat protection, mechanical parameters and antistatic properties. Durability, wide range of used aplications from knitted fabrics used for underwear to outershell materials used for intervention garments. It also offers wide range of colour options, especially thanks to piece dying.

Thermo-manDuPont? Thermo-man?

It is a special equipment of the company DuPont?, which is represented by a mannequin in a life-size which is covered with 122 heat sensors. They evaluate precisely determined parameters of predicted burn area of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree according to EN ISO 13506. The used heat flux is 80 kW/m2 for period of 8 seconds for intervention fire-fighters garments and 4 seconds for one-layer garments.

PBIPBI Matrix?

It is an outer shell from the company PBI Perfomance Products, INC. This product is made of approx. 58% of aramid fibre, 40% of PBI and 2% of antistatic fibre. PBI Matrix? uses inwrought grid with aramid filaments. It is characteristic for its extremely high mechanical parameters and very good heat resistance and stability. It is mainly used for outershell of intervetion garments for firefighters.


It is breathable membrane on the base of PTFE produced by the company W.L. GORE which mainly ensures water and resistance. It is mechanically and chemically resistant, with lower flammability, comfortable in all extreme situations. It is mainly used in firefighter´s garments and garments for industrial workers. 

CrosstechCrosstech? Moisture Barrier

High permeable membrane PTFE from the company W.L. Gore which can be used as Airlock? Spacer Technology or traditional Fireblocker. It is the sole product of its category resistant agains blood, body fluids and bacterium according to ISO 16604/ASTM.


It is a special treatment of the outershell material PBI Matrix? from the company Heatcoat wchich ensures protection against liquid chemicals and water. The outer layer of the garments guarantees 30 washing cycles before any reimpregnation.


It is a special treatment applied on outershell fabric from the company SOFILETA. It ensures protection against liquid chemicals and water with minimum 5 washing cycles before any reimpregnation. After this period we recommend reimpregantion of the treatment.

SOFIGUARD PerformanceSOFIGUARD? Performance

Special treatment applied on outershell fabric. It ensures protection against liquid chemicals and water with minimum 25 washing cycles before any reimpregnation.


It is special durable technology of moisture transfer from a lining from the company SOFILETA. The fast moisture transfer increases comfort and protective features of garmetns as well. 

Smart Seam SaverSmart Seam Saver?

Patented protection of reflective tape stitching. Threads lie in grooves of reflective tapes and are protected against abrasion and damage. Testing was made according to EN ISO 12947-2 - Martindale method. The results show 5times higher resistance against abrasion in comparison with standard version. Thanks to that we significantly prolong lifetime of sewing threads and reduce repair costs.